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#memorybox Happy Days?

on July 16, 2013

So far, weatherwise we have had a particularly sunny July.

Which is good, as I have had a particularly grumyp Bonzo. And everything is easier to cope with when the sun is shining.

He I think is suffering from a large does of ‘Endoftermitis’ and a huge amount of school trip anxiety. They are only going a short distance, but for him the worry that he may not come back again is a big worry. Plans haven’t been finalised yet, but his teacher and I are concocting a plan.

He is also sleeping less due to the heat, and therefore tired as well as grumpy. He has reverted to not getting up in the mornings, choosing to sulk in his bed instead.

But…….. we have still had some sunny memories. Our favourite Finns have been across to entertain us and lots of water play has been happening.

So, a few happy memories to keep us going.





6 responses to “#memorybox Happy Days?

  1. ahh sunny and lazier days especially with friends = happy days. lovely memories – are you leaving school or just planning minimising school trips stress?

  2. The most recent update is that he is going on the school trip – his teacher is on the ball, very keen he goes with all the others and I, slightly apprehensively, am letting her make the decisions. If on the day all is not well, I will go too.

  3. Stix says:

    Hope school trip goes well. Looks like you’ve had a great month so far, loving all of your photos.

    Thanks for linking up to Memory Box x

  4. Love your pics of fun in the sun and superman. Hope the trip goes ok too. I think they all get really tired at this time of year and add the heat in as well and yes grumpiness sets in. A water fight can often bring a smile to a small face though, I know it does here. Thanks for sharing your #Memorybox

  5. Mama Laura says:

    Lovely to see your pictures of outdoor scamping – and I hope the school trip goes well.

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