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It’s almost over.

on July 20, 2013

It’s all but over.

Reception days are all but finished. (I am sure most of you have broken up, we have a few more days to plod through yet!

The past 11 months, for Bonzo, have been one long rollercoaster ride. But, we have made it through, and we are still in one piece. School has thrown up more tantrums, sleepless nights and difficulties than I could’ve imagined. (nothing to do with the school as such, all to do with attachment issues)

But from all the wobblyness, extra help he is receiving and extra, extra help that will be in place in Sepember, progress has been made.

So, last September a nervous, edgy and anxious boy stepped into Reception, next week a nervous, edgy and anxious boy will be stepping out of Reception. But, this boy has come on in leaps and bounds. He……..

now has friends. Not many, but some.

has survived several parties and at the last one I would say he enjoyed.

learnt to read. He is now reading short, easy books. But proper little stories that he enjoys.

has been on a school trip. It caused a week of sleepless nights and a days reaction afterwards (in fact he is sleeping now, catching up on a few hours), but he went and he enjoyed it.

has been awarded a ‘star of the week’ award in assembly, and proudly stood up to receive it.

has dressed up for various days, and coped with a school full of other people dressed up.

has taken things in for show & tell, and shown them and told about them.

is coping better with the ‘lunchtime noise’ and chaos. Steps are in place for next term to make it better for him.

has a good relationship with his teacher and nursery nurse and will miss them greatly.


And me, I am so, so happy with the school I chose. It was a long process getting him into a school that was the right one for him, keeping him down a year was the best decision I ever made, and I just need to think about what I say to the staff that will thank them enough for what they have done. The fact they have bent over backwards to make his life easier, the fact they have humoured me as I throw yet another problem at them, and just the fact they have taken Bonzo for who he is, and worked with his strengths, supported his weaknesses and given him the best start to schooling that I could hope for.

Roll on the holidays, roll on Year 1.



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6 responses to “It’s almost over.

  1. Congratulations to Bonzo, you, and the school for getting through this year with flying colours. I’ve said it before, but the things you’ve written about this school over the year sound like they are amazing. The Head, the staff, and even the parents who agreed to take photos only after performances ended and Bonzo had been whisked away, have never failed to impress the socks off me. And you are, as always, a wonderful Mummy. Enjoy the summer break. xxx

  2. what an incredible milestone and a lovely list of lovely achievements – I would think writing a list like that of all those for the staff will be a great and personal and real way of reminding them of how well they have done this last year. Say it how it is, I reckon.

  3. So glad you’ve made it through with so many positives. That’s a real testament to you both. Well done x

  4. Lindsay says:

    sounds like a fantastic school and some great advocating! congrats on a great year!

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