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Happy Birthday? #waso

on August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Not a statement that all adopted children find easy to hear. Birthdays aren’t necessarily for celebrating when for some it was also the day you were removed from your birth parents and for others a reminder that you were born into a different family – a reminder that you are ‘different’. Perhaps a reminder that you weren’t cared for and that for your birth parents the Birthday wasn’t happy at all.

I have blogged before about Bonzo’s birthdays see here  and this year having learnt from experience was much better.

Again I managed to keep it from him till the last minute. Or thanks to the school assembly to the last 48hrs. This was fine, it was a genuine mistake by the school (he was called up in assembly for a certificate, only was very confused as he hadn’t clicked it was his birthday. A fast thinking Senco and his therapy lady sorted the problem in a flash, and by coincidence I was at the assembly anyway so I gave Bonzo the thumbs up and all was fine!), and I had planned to tell him that evening anyway. Funnily enough, Bonzo knows when his birthday is, and he knew what the date was, I just hadn’t been talking about birthdays too much and he hadn’t asked.

This year was pretty much the same as last year, only this year, instead of being the wettest day of the year it was a scorcher. I had arranged another picnic in the park – we are lucky enough to have a big splash park in the middle of town. So, 8 boys, 8 towels a whole heap of suncream, oh and a visiting 10 yr old Finn and they had a great time. I provided a picnic and they all went home. Result.

On his actual birthday we slowly opened his presents, then cousins & Granny & Grandad popped by with more presents, then off to the pub for lunch, then swimming as normal. On this day Bonzo was incredibly argumentative, but I was expecting far worse.

So, with now 2 comparatively successful birthdays I have learnt. Keep fuss to a minimum and keep all celebrations away from our home and keep them simple.





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4 responses to “Happy Birthday? #waso

  1. Awesome cake! Glad your birthday celebrations went so well :)

  2. honeymummy says:

    What a lovely post and fantastic cake

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